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Train Your Palate

Trying a wide variety of coffee is key to start our journey to become caffeliers.

One of the fundamental aspects of becoming a caffelier is without a doubt tasting the coffee.

Commercial coffee vs good quality coffee

At first we won’t be able to distinguish the subtle flavors like professional tasters, but we will notice important points: good quality coffee is not bitter, it does not have metallic or astringent taste. It is more aromatic, unlike the bitterness of the commercial coffee we will notice different kinds of acidity, spices notes, brown sugar, etc. That’s just the start.

The more we try good coffee, the better our palate will become.

Don’t stay with just one origin. If you really want to advance in your knowledge of coffee, seek variety. At Fudi&Co we offer coffee from Costa Rica, from three different regions: Central Valley, Tarrazú and Occidental Valley, each of them with different flavor profiles.

Don’t you think it is exciting to leave the bitter coffee behind?