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We declare ourselves «foodies» at heart, always searching for authentic and unique flavors. We believe the experience of enjoying great coffee also carries a certain responsibility that starts with each seed planted, all the way to the kind of water used in its final preparation. Our commitment is to market the best coffee experiences crafted under optimal conditions not only to preserve the quality of the product, but also to guarantee the dignity of everyone involved in its elaboration process.

Coffee is our passion. It is what inspires us and motivates us every day.  We consider it to be an art and an essential ritual to enjoy beautiful things in life. We are Fudi and Co, Coffee Foodies, welcome to the clan..

Despierto y Soñando - 1KG - mockup

Awake and Dreaming

The best way to start my morning or afternoon full of energy, nothing can spoil that moment when I feel that unmistakable aroma of my coffee.

Sobremesa y Amigos - 1KG - mockup

Dining and Friends

The question everyone was waiting for: who wants coffee? Because there nothing compares to an afternoon in good company and striking up a deep conversation.

Cafetero y Orgulloso - 1KG - mockup

Coffee Lover and Proud

I know, I admit it, I look for any excuse to have a cup of my favorite coffee; any time is good to pause and give myself a little treat.


Our packages, our cups and our capsules are 100% compostable in a maximum period of 90 days and, therefore, serve as organic fertilizer (compost).

The biodegradable packaging does not mean necessarily compostable use. The difference is mainly the timeframe shortens for compostable packaging at the same time an organic matter.

Fudi&Co cafe compostable